Neat and Simple – That is what I offer to manage your Marketing Campaign.

  • To Developer’s Team looking for someone to market their project and start a campaign through Signature in the forum, Twitter, Facebook and Content Marketing Campaign:
  • I will not just handle the bounty campaign but will also joining the campaign myself. Even offer to start the ANN thread for the team and moderate it myself which means I will only manage one project at a time.
  • Will only accept the high quality posters to your campaign and users that had been tagged whichever violation are not going to be allowed to participate in the signature campaign.
  • Will also ask for escrow of funds to someone from the trusted escrows in the forum for the bounties.

This is my account: bittraffic. I have been in for years and have invested in BTC. I’m one of the people who likes the project which give the power to the community who uses it, not the company who builds it. I own this facebook group too with more than 10K members as of now. Not actually a very active group but this is moderated by its members. I sometimes post an pin the topic on top about which ICO is good to invest with.