EOSEX.com a Hybrid Exchange

EOSEX Platform aims to provide solutions to existing problems in cryptomarket like trade volume. Various exchanges that exist today are listing thousands of cryptocurrencies which were trading with staggering volume everyday and these exchanges are adding more of the tokens almost everyday to keep up due to the number of coins and tokens with use case for their community. Developers and traders cram to build their business in crypto market but the regulations for it is still uncertain to different countries which resulted to lesser money flowing into this new market resulting cryptocurrency pairs to lose volume.

The difficulties in getting tokens listed on exchanges is also a problem since most exchanges today often charge huge fees for listing. The amount raise during ICO supposedly for the development are often put to exchange listing fee instead. But in EOSEX platform, the team will only ask the community support of the token and if the token deposits from the community results to be sufficient for the team to decide, listing on the platform will follow.

I think the blockchain community should support this kind of project regardless of which platform you loyally support. Whether you prefer ETHEREUM, it doesn’t matter because after all EOSEX.com will list ERC tokens and I believe they will also be listing tokens from any platforms.

The beauty of holding EXP tokens is that you gain revenue because like the team said, they’d distribute 70% of the daily revenue to the EXP holders. So you don’t just receive EOS token airdrops but profit too.

Anyway, ICO is over so those who invest will just have to wait what will happen soon. You watch out for “Liquidity box” as it seem a cool idea to sold liquidity which I believe they are going to open their order to some other exchanges and also the CDF which this feature will be added soon.

Website: https://eosex.com
Whitepaper: https://eosex.com/files/whitepaper_en.pdf
Twitter: https://twitter.com/eosexcom
Telegram: https://t.me/EOSexOfficial
Email: support@eosex.com

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