How to use myetherwallet (MEW) safer

There are tons of victims of phishing before so this is to avoid being one of them in the future. There ain’t no way to get your tokens back once your wallet is compromised so extra careful is very needed. So to start with.

1. First thing you do is tp visit
2. At the very bottom of the site click the Github: Latest Release
3. Pick the new release, its usually the top and right now the lastest is
4. Download it. You can then unzip the file to be able to use the wallet offline.
5. After unzipping, you shall see what is inside the folder etherwallet-v3.22.3 like the photo below.

6. Inside this folder there is a file named “index.html” which you can drag and drop on your browser so you can open it.

Bascially, you will see the url on your browser to be C:\users\your name\Downloads\etherwallet-v3.22.3/index.html but because I’m using linux system, my url is different than yours its file:///mnt/sda6/MyEth/etherwallet-v3.22.3/index.html but its prety much same as accessing the file thru a browser.

7. You can now try using it. I’ve clicked Send Ether and Tokens and here’s what you can see.
The later version of MEW by the way are not that friendly, I noticed this with etherwallet-v3.23.1.

Be safe and avoid phishing.

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